Defining a Data Center Move Project

Most data center moves are exercises in trade-offs. You won’t have enough resources, money, or time to complete the data center move. In fact, your shot clock is likely already running by the time you realize the magnitude of the project. Copying someone else’s project plan is a common strategy to give the project a Read more about Defining a Data Center Move Project[…]

Data Center Move Playbook Explained

Previous to my consulting career, I spent over a decade with IBM inside many large data centers. The data center remained in a state of constant change. Equipment moved in and out frequently and this equipment was much larger than the hundreds of smaller servers you find in today’s data center. Many other things have Read more about Data Center Move Playbook Explained[…]

Proven Data Center Moving Tips

Do you want a successful data center move? First timers and veterans alike want to succeed with their data center move. I’ve made most of the mistakes I warn you about in my book “What Everybody Ought to Know Before Moving a Data Center.” I understand that you have no time to waste. I understand Read more about Proven Data Center Moving Tips[…]

Data Center Move Consolidation

Data Center consolidation projects are accelerating and many Information Technology (IT) professionals are faced with their first data center move. A consolidation project is a focused effort to reduce costs and this singular goal can bias decision-makers against using outside help. However, consolidation can also mean staff reductions and a loss of subject matter experts Read more about Data Center Move Consolidation[…]

Data Center Move Checklist Primer

Exclusive Bonus: Want the checklist free? Answer these 3 questions. Learn to write an RFP with our free crash course. Most project managers tasked with their first data center relocation begin a search for a data center move checklist to get them started. Some even hope to find a completed work breakdown structure (WBS) that Read more about Data Center Move Checklist Primer[…]

Getting Started with Data Center Move Governance

Most Enterprise organizations have some form of IT Governance in place. However, these structures are often inadequate for a data center relocation. Getting governance right is one of the critical success factors for a well planned and executed data center move. What is governance? Governance is about who makes the decisions and how they are Read more about Getting Started with Data Center Move Governance[…]