March 3, 2017

Content For Your Campaign

High Impact, Long Lasting Giveaway

Consider that most giveaways consist of the same tired and ineffective merchandise.

Apparel, water bottles, sticky notes, and key chains are just a few items that bore prospects.

Your Message Fades Quickly with Boredom

A great book is different. Why? Because your firm captures that important Top Of Mind immediately.

And the best part? A book has an indefinite shelf life that your marketing can leverage. No t-shirt can claim that kind of Return on Investment!

My book educates prospects about a data center move and you can be the trusted advisor to sell your products and services during this important activity.

Use My Content to Close More Sales

What Challenges are Facing Your Firm?

  • No compelling reason to initiate a dialog with prospects.
  • Social Media selling is noise to most prospects.
  • E-Mail marketing is misaligned with sales objectives.
  • Trade show marketing consists of tired table dressings and static signage with unremarkable giveaways.
  • In-person sales calls lack effective leave behinds.

Use Valuable Content instead of Marketing Hyperbole

I operate the number one site for data center migrations. I know what prospects seek during their investigative phase.

Available Content for Your Campaign
How to Use

  • Pre-Promote ALL of your events
  • At the Ready! and Branded to keep you Top of Mind
  • Content for any Introduction

What Is One Closed Prospect Worth to Your Firm?

  • Books make great trade show gifts
  • Books make a lasting impression during an in-person sales call.
  • Books are an unexpected gift in a FedEx package!

The Power of a #10 Booklet

  • Fits in a business envelope for easy mailing
  • Perfect for pre-promotion to increase turnout
  • Boost Closing conversions with leave behind booklet
  • At the Ready for mailing to prospects
  • Branded for your logo and marketing message
  • Capture elusive co-marketing funds from your partners

Want something customized?

Let me help you get more results from your marketing and sales efforts in the data center ecosystem.

Let’s start with a conversation —

Need an engaging subject matter expert speaker for your webinar or in-person event?