June 17, 2011

Data Center Relocation Services

Your data center relocation is unique. At E-Oasis, we seek to understand your data center move and provide you with the services you need to be successful.

Note: Do you need someone to write your data center relocation RFP?  We do that too!

Data Center Moving Services Strategy Call
Strategy Call – Whether you want to talk honestly about your concerns about your staff’s ability to move your data center or are looking for strategic insights as a sounding board, the Strategy Call is designed to meet your urgent needs.

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Pre-Move Data Center Relocation Assessment

Pre-Move Assessment – E-Oasis provides a comprehensive assessment of your existing data center move plan. Choose this if you need your data center move plan reviewed by experts who can identify the gaps and recommend strategies to keep your move on-track.

Data Center Move PlaybookData Center Move Playbook – Using our systematic methodology, E-Oasis will create a data center move playbook that goes beyond the typical data center relocation plan. We  outline the responsibilities of all participants, establish the move timeline, and document the sequence of all move events.

Data Center Relocation Project ManagerData Center Move Project Management – E-Oasis will manage and sequence your data center move from start to finish in collaboration with your stakeholders and staff. Your move is unique and we customize our offerings to your critical business drivers.

Data Center Relocations are rare occurrences for most companies. E-Oasis stands ready to earn your business and make you the Superhero of your move.

E-Oasis Moves Data Centers

Data Center Relocation Services

We provide services for the entire life-cycle of data center relocation. Our systematic methodology for planning a data center move is a collaboration with you to ensure success and consists of three phases:

  • Planning – Helping you avoid costly mistakes with our data center move playbook.
  • Execution – Keeping the data center move on-track managing all aspects.
  • Post-Move Support – Critically important post-move services ensures success.

What Does a Data Center Move Cost?

Budgeting for a data center move can be a frustrating exercise because many decisions that affect costs have yet to be made. Schedule a Strategy Call and we will help you understand the important cost elements of your data center move.

How Long Has E-Oasis Moved Data Centers?

Since 1996, we have helped our customers move their data centers, large and small. We are independent of hardware and software interests and excel in impartial multi-vendor oversight of complex moves.

How Do You Start?

Give us a call at 303-500-6511 to discuss your move. There’s no obligation, we keep all of your information confidential, and we seek to remove the uncertainty of your data center relocation.