August 8, 2012

Moving a Data Center

This guide pays for itself in a few minutes by saving you days of online searching and coaching you to avoid costly mistakes.


Singing from the same song sheet is impossible if the choir can’t read the notes or even the words. But who has the time to educate everyone on a complex project like a data center move?

This guide not only strips the mystery from a data center move, but also

  • jump starts project managers who want to understand the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) category foundations
  • informs Executives about their budget process and cost model
  • warns Stakeholders to get Governance right
  • slices the Gordian Knot of decision paralysis
  • arms Human Resources to recognize key contributors versus the lazy, blanket recognition that demoralizes technical staff

Written in plain language, and organized to accelerate everyone’s understanding, this guide belongs in your library!

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Data Center Migration Checklist

This primeris aimed at project managers new to data center moving and organized for quick consumption.

What is the purpose of a checklist?

A checklist helps guide the practitioner through a series of tasks to complete. A good checklist needs to be precise, brief, and actionable. This checklist primer is organized as follows:

  • Pre-Move and Budget
  • Governance
  • Data Center Migration Playbook
  • Rehearsal
  • Move Events
  • Post-Move Considerations

Download the data center migration checklist now.