Getting Started with Data Center Move Governance

Most Enterprise organizations have some form of IT Governance in place. However, these structures are often inadequate for a data center relocation. Getting governance right is one of the critical success factors for a well planned and executed data center move.

What is governance?

Governance is about who makes the decisions and how they are made. It is about explicitly declaring the decision rights and the accountability for the project. It is about adhering to a disciplined monitoring process for the project. Conversely, involve every single person in the data center move decision process and the price for all that consensus is the opposite of agility and efficiency.

How do you start?

  • Identify the stakeholders and their decision rights.
  • Add an External Advisor for a catalyst and unbiased viewpoint.
  • Publish the decision framework for vetting.
  • Dedicate the resources to allow regular governance meetings.

What mistakes should be avoided?

  • No agenda – ad hoc, free-wheeling meetings are huge time-wasters. Establish a precise agenda for governance meetings
  • No urgency – governance meetings should not be an excuse to slow down a project. With real-time collaboration tools, there is no excuse for organizational coefficient of drag.
  • Politics – a data center move project is not the time to grind old political axes. It takes a strong leader to minimize the politics so that the resources can be focused on the complexity.

Get Back on Track with Oversight

A stalled or problematic data center relocation can benefit from introducing or revamping the existing data center move governance. Adding an unbiased, external adviser can give you the kind of reality check needed to move the project forward.

E-Oasis moves data centers and provides the unbiased, independent expertise to make your data center relocation a success. Use the contact information to your right to get started.

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