The Elusive Datacenter Move Checklist


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The searching comes in many forms from a sample data center WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) to a relocation move checklist, to a project plan for data center relocation, to a search for typical relocation costs. After some frustrating searching for the elusive data center move checklist, you may find yourself reading this post.

Since every move is different, we build these plans after a discovery process with our customers. They, in turn, own those project plans and we don’t post them.

If you are trying to build a plan from the bottom up, generally you will need at least these common project elements in addition to your unique requirements:

  1. External Connectivity
    a. data
    b. voice
    c. wireless
  2. Internal Connectivity
    a. by location if multiple sites are involved
  3. Construction time line (if your destination site is being built)
  4. Move elements by phase
    a. pre-move
    b. teardown
    c. transit
    d. arrival
    e. re-assembly
  5. Test and Validation
  6. Post-Move decommissioning

Get the data center moving guide to give you a jump start with your planning.

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