Common Executive Management Misconceptions of Data Center Moves

Moving a data center should be a systematic task with plenty of planning and execution time to produce a solid relocation plan. More often, it’s a scramble to meet an objective set by executive management as part of a larger effort. Some common executive management misconceptions include:

  1. Moving a data center is easy.
  2. The Information Technology Staff can both move the data center and do their real jobs.
  3. There will be zero down time during the move and there will be no new expenditures or duplicate equipment purchased.
  4. Moving over the weekend is the best time to move.
  5. It should be simple to construct the data center move budget from a Google search.

With that as a partial backdrop, you are searching for data center move plans, data center relocation budgets, and data center movers. You think about writing a data center relocation RFP (Request for Proposal) and find yourself overwhelmed with perfecting a statement of work (SOW). Meanwhile, your executive management wants to know how much this is going to cost and the scramble to build a budget begins as your search for average per square foot costs to move a data center.

You reason that Google has rescued you before and you search harder to locate elements of your relocation plan. But when you come up short, then what?

Our data center moving guide can help you understand the complexity of a data center relocation. Educating your executive management is a critical and necessary element for a successful data center move. While Google can help you search for the puzzle pieces of a data center relocation, we can help you save money and avoid costly mistakes with our data center move planning and implementation services.



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