Announcing Free Training to Write a Data Center Migration RFP

Why did I create this crash course for writing data center migration RFPs?

During the rescue swims I’ve done for clients, I’ve seen that a poorly constructed RFP and subsequent bad vendor selection is a primary contributor to expensive mistakes made during the project.

Since many RFPs are not written by technical professionals, but handled by procurement professionals, I wanted the course to address the urgency these professionals encounter. The goal of the crash course is to improve the quality of the RFP and the outcome of selecting the right vendor for your project.

Five lessons guide you through the process. Each lesson is delivered via e-mail at your own learning pace.

Contents of the training are:

  • [RFP Lesson 1] Why Shortcuts Don’t Work
  • [RFP Lesson 2] Migration Narrative and Stakeholder Involvement
  • [RFP Lesson 3] The Data Center Migration RFP Template
  • [RFP Lesson 4] Major Issues with RFPs
  • [RFP Lesson 5] What’s Next after the RFP?

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How to write a data center migration RFP

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