June 17, 2011

Data Center Migration Services

You data center migration is unique and I provide services for the entire life-cycle of a data center migration. And that includes migrating into the cloud as well as getting out of the cloud. Select the stage you are in to find the right services to make you successful.


Migration RFP

  • I will write your migration RFP
  • I’ll review your RFP
  • I’ll help you evaluate Proposer responses
  • I’ll respond as a Proposer to your written RFP

Pre-Migration | Migration | Post-Migration

  • I will provide a comprehensive assessment of your existing data center migration plan
  • I will construct your data center migration playbook
  • I will manage and sequence your migration including multi-vendor oversight

Rescue Swimmer

I’m a rescue swimmer for data center migrations. What does that mean?

Simple prescriptions to complex problems can easily be found online. Those prescriptions typically fail because they don’t consider the obvious complexities of the problem.

As a result, many firms venture out to sea with a naive understanding and incomplete plan to tackle their data center migration. And like a ship in a storm who calls for a Coast Guard rescue, some firms need rescue swimmers to save their migration projects.

If you have any of these issues, you need an experienced rescue swimmer. Contact me immediately.

  • Staff Retention Issues – Losing key staff members can doom a migration project.
  • Vendor Slow Start – Many Vendors wait until contract award until they allocate resources, or in some cases hire the resources they promised. As a result, critical time is wasted as the Vendor engages slowly and typically with mismatched resources.
  • Oversight Slow Start – Vendors aren’t the only ones who wait until the last minute to engage. Your own firm may not be ready with the appropriate Oversight to utilize the valuable time ticking away.
  • Vendor Scope Creep – Following a contract award, vendors often have the first opportunity to accurately determine the work scope. It should be no surprise that this discovery rarely matches the original bid. This is painfully true when the RFP deliverables were poorly specified.
  • Multi-Vendor Coordination Issues – Every vendor will have their own timeline, but a data center move requires an orchestra-like cooperation amongst your existing vendors. Larger vendors with their larger staffs equipped with their corporate methodology will overwhelm your own staff. Do not underestimate the dedicated resource you need to manage multiple vendors during a migration.

How Do You Start?

E-mail urgent@e-oasis.com . All of your information is confidential.