Four Reasons Not to Relocate Your Data Center

Data Center relocations can be justified from a number of perspectives. Out of power, out of space, and inadequate cooling are all common reasons for a data center move. But what are the compelling reasons to stay put?

  1. Lack of a comprehensive data center moving plan. Don’t be rushed into a data center relocation without dedicating adequate resources and time to a detailed moving plan.
  2. Inadequate attention to solving the cooling problem. Even with all the information about proper hot and cold aisles, dueling CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners), and improper return air dynamics, IT staffs still operate inefficient data centers with glaring problems. Seek out a data center audit to ensure easily corrected mistakes get corrected.
  3. Swinging for the fences with Virtualization. While virtualization can deliver impressive cost savings, it also changes the way your data center operates. Betting that you can completely move to a virtualized platform as the underlying strategy of your data center move without unintended consequences ignores the complexity inherent in the data center.
  4. Unreasonable construction time lines. It’s rare that a construction completion date is met for a variety of legitimate reasons. The data center commissioning process is often compromised in the rush to recover the time consumed by construction. Delaying the data center move will cost less in the long run than moving into a a new data center that has inadequate soak time and testing.

The decision to relocate your data center should be made carefully. As this video explains, a data center move readiness assessment can make the difference between a successful data center relocation and a fatallly flawed move.

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