What do you need to know about data center site selection?

Let’s stipulate that many experts can help you with a site selection for your data center. Further, you can search for checklists and overviews and devise your own methodology. In case that is all you are looking for, here’s an overview from Ron Hughes.

But before you start, what do you really need to know?

The end result of your site selection will be a real estate transaction. You will end up buying or leasing and in all likelihood you’ll also have to manage a construction project in a time-constrained window.

1. Remember that data center site selection is but one process in a chain of events that has to succeed. Leave enough time for the other events (like construction). It’s not unusual for organizations to take several years for site selection and then expect to build their data center in a few months.

2. Site selections done clumsily will cost your company money. Your entire team from outside technical experts to outside attorneys to local help should all be under Non Disclosure Agreements. Your own internal team should have strict guidelines regarding disclosures.

3. Verify everything independently. From fiber paths to power substations, failure to verify will be costly.

4. Ignorance of local regulation can doom the site. Are you allowed to run your planned diesel generator? Is aesthetic or noise screening required? Can you put equipment on the roof?

5. Know when to use your leverage. Negotiating for favorable signage or tenant finish allowances or even local incentives at the wrong time can cost both money and reputation. Not knowing what you can negotiate is equally costly.

Our help and knowledge can benefit your team right from the beginning. Give us an opportunity to make your entire relocation process successful…starting before the datacenter site selection.


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