Are You Trailblazing Through The Cloud Adoption Roadblocks?

As a senior manager, you are expected to lead and establish the role cloud computing should play in your firm. But, what are the roadblocks to that expectation? You face an ocean of choices from sellers of cloud computing. You face a skeptical staff who will be burdened with any path you choose. You face Read more about Are You Trailblazing Through The Cloud Adoption Roadblocks?[…]

Forming Application Bundles for Migration

The elusive clear picture of the business environment supported by interdependent applications rarely emerges without a deep dive into those applications. Frameworks and methodologies can only take the practitioner so far. Eventually, subject matter experts will need to do the heavy lifting to understand every application that must be moved. In some cases applications can be Read more about Forming Application Bundles for Migration[…]

What’s Your Cloud Migration Strategy?

Emily was unsatisfied with her firm’s progress migrating to the Cloud. Her dashboard metrics showed few applications made it to the cloud with Legacy applications remaining stubbornly on-premise. While our conversation uncovered some of the root causes why legacy applications are difficult to migrate, it also exposed the frustration with the conventional wisdom around a cloud Read more about What’s Your Cloud Migration Strategy?[…]

Checklist for Moving Your Data Center to the Cloud

Is your data center too costly to operate and you need to consider alternatives? In the past, building and moving to a new facility or using colocation services were the options chosen without much thought. The time required to find a new space is often underestimated and using colocation services may work for a while, but there will be added costs when Read more about Checklist for Moving Your Data Center to the Cloud[…]

Moving from the Data Center to the Cloud

Cloud migration projects continue to garner interest from organizations seeking a variety of benefits. Executives understand that these complex projects require multi-disciplinary teams to increase the odds of success and realize the promised ROI (return on investment). Unlike piecemeal approaches, a data center move to the cloud presumes you will decommission your existing data center Read more about Moving from the Data Center to the Cloud[…]

Move your Data Center to the Cloud?

Someday soon, someone is going to challenge you to move your entire data center to the cloud. Enough case studies have emerged to entice CIO’s (Chief Information Officers) to explore the promised cloud economics. After all, who can resist the dangled carrot to reduce costs, simplify deployments, and improve business agility? No one. And marketing Read more about Move your Data Center to the Cloud?[…]