Data Center Moving Workshop Series

Making good decisions is not just a requirement of the C-Suite. It’s a critical skill at every level of an organization.

When considering a data center move, how do you know which decisions you’ll encounter?

How do you avoid decision paralysis costing valuable time?

What if you could attend a customized workshop at your facility? Once that demystifies the process of moving a data center?

Introducing the Data center moving workshop for all stakeholders. From executives, to IT directors, to staff, we cover important topics including:

  1. The Executive’s Guide to Data Center Moving
  2. Common problems that undermine almost every data center move, and
  3. Critically important Post-Move issues that require planning right now

Decision-making is such an important skill in these data center relocation moves, that organizations need to avoid the paralysis trap.

Decisions that are not timely or not made at all are in fact more damaging than poor decisions.

Establishing a common sense of urgency for your move is one the best first steps you can take.

All the workshop details can be found at

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Watch a Video explaining the Workshop.


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