Texas and Wyoming Invest in Their Power Grids

Wyoming earmarked $1 billion in 2004 to improve power transmission capacity with four projects already underway as a result. Texas also understands the critical need to invest in the transmission grid and is proceeding with plans to put almost $5 billion to work to capitalize on power transmission originating from wind farms.

It’s not as sexy as building a mega-datacenter, but both States stand to benefit nicely in the long term by improving their power grids. It could also touch off a decades-long arms race to improve the capacity of power grids in key areas as these projects require planning and lead-time to complete.

Data center site selection criteria that seek to be located closer to the power generation source could be impacted as these projects approach completion.

Track the investment in the power grid infrastructure and you’ve got a five year window into the potential location of many power-hungry facilities — data centers included.

Wyoming and Texas enjoy high untapped wind energy potential and both realize the importance of getting that engergy on the power grid by investing in that infrastructure.

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