How to Develop Early Budgetary Estimates for Moving a Data Center

Not a day goes by without a inquiry for a quick estimate for moving a data center. After a futile search with Google looking for a benchmark for a data center per square foot moving cost metric, I often get that urgent request for help.

Too often, there is not enough time to complete a moving cost estimate with any degree of accuracy. These early estimates are prone to assumption errors, a lack of understanding regarding options that affect costs, and the desire to “keep it quiet” within the organization…meaning asking clarifying questions are often not possible.

From the perspective of the decision-maker, how do you progress through a data center moving exercise without having some idea of the costs?

You’re not prepared for an engineering exercise and you just want some idea of the relocation costs. At least at the beginning. Then, your project gathers steam, money is allocated, and you can’t remember where you got all the great estimates from your Internet searches. And that’s the good news.

The bad news is that major elements seem to be missing, or the costs estimated don’t match the real world. In other words, your assumption errors cost your organization real money.

Ask anyway. We won’t be able to give you the average cost for a data center relocation, but we’ll try and understand your project and give you the early estimate you seek.

In return, give us the opportunity to help you avoid costly mistakes with our data center move services when the budgetary crisis passes.

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