Desktop Moving Guide for 2013

We don’t move desktops but think the task should be done with the same rigor as any professional project. We’ve been sharing our Desktop Moving Guide online in an effort to help those confronted with this task in their organization.

The guide covers these important stages:

  • Preparationbagit
  • Labeling
  • De-Stage
  • Re-Stage
  • Common Mistakes

Use this guide to help you set expectations for all involved at every step – whether with your internal crew or external vendors.

Prepare well in advance, rehearse your expectations with your crew, and be patient during your move!

This is your opportunity to work with external vendors and impress your leadership team and your users with a professional approach to moving your desktops.


Click Here to Download the Desktop Moving Guide2009-desktop-moving-guide1


This guide was updated from feedback from readers like you. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

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