Not All Data Center Moves Are Complicated

Make no mistake, we’d like to earn your data center relocation business. However, not all data center moves are alike. They can range from complex to straight-forward and everything in-between.

When you research a data center relocation on the web, it’s easy to find conflicting information about the task.  Some data center moving project managers first build a plan where everything has to go right and then expend extraordinary effort tracking in minute detail everything that goes wrong. Is there a better way?

Maybe.  It might depend on your own built-in biases for using or refusing outside help. It could depend on your schedule pressure to move when you know inadequate attention was given to the planning phase. Another variable in your success is the budget pressure to minimize cost which could expose your organization to unexpected risks.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re faced with a data center consolidation or relocation:

  • Data Center Move Planning is more important than getting a quick cost estimate. Before you send your staff off to search the Internet for the elusive data center move project plan, step back and do some planning yourself and understand the basic process to get a data center moved. Our data center moving guide (see the right sidebar) is a good beginning.
  • Keeping the move confidential preserves many options including the ability to assemble advance teams to check out data center locations without jeopardizing your negotiating leverage. Many organizations also trim some staff as a result of consolidation. It’s important to keep your key contributors informed without prematurely announcing something before you’ve built and vetted a comprehensive data center move plan for both the move and the post-move phases of your project. It’s critical that your entire internal team is given strict and specific guidelines regarding relocation disclosures.
  • Expecting your Information Technology (IT) staff to know how to move a Data Center properly is unrealistic as most have never completed the task and they still have full-time jobs to complete even during the transition. Many organizations lose their key IT staff during a data center move because they underestimate the pressure their key contributors experience during a relocation.
  • Understand that your Data Center Relocation is unique and requires more than a generic data center move checklist you found on the web. If you’re going to move without outside assistance, don’t underestimate the value of dedicated resources to this important task.
  • Be realistic about time-frames. Data Center Moves of size and complexity can take 12 months or more to plan and execute properly. Hastily planned moves can turn what could be a trouble-free relocation into a death spiral of mistakes and expensive crisis responses. A realistic time-line with the right services at the right time is essential to a successful move.

You reason that Google has rescued you before and you search harder to locate elements of your relocation plan. But when you come up short, then what?

Whether your data center move is simple or complex, consider selecting some outside resources to ensure that the move is successful. Here are three things we can help you with during your data center relocation:

  1. We can review your existing data center move plan
  2. We can help you build your data center move plan
  3. We can plan and execute your data center or company relocation from start to finish

Start with a conversation. Call 1-877-485-1115 to discuss your unique move. Or e-mail . We’re ready when you are.

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