Data Center Site Selection: One-Size-Fits-All is Nonexistent

What is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle for your successful data center relocation?

Consider what a thoroughly researched, carefully considered data center site selection process can accomplish.

No simple, one-size-fits-all solution for the site selection process exists, however. You must choose based on your business needs and available resources. Rarely will you have enough time or money to choose perfectly.

Because there is immense pressure to base decisions on initial capital outlay alone, choices regarding location can be unacceptably narrowed from the beginning of your selection process. You must anticipate opposition and challenges to every site selection choice you put forth. Document your decisions so that those tasked with reviewing them will be able to follow your thought process and objectively assess your location choices.

Caution: Pressure to contain initial costs can obscure future hidden costs that can cripple your data center in the long run. So, it is essential to maintain a long-range view of how your site selection will ultimately help or hinder the total cost of ownership for your data center.

Options for site selections include: finding existing data centers, building your own data center, utilizing various colocation options, using modules, and even moving to the Cloud. Each option has its own set of complexities which must be analyzed in light of your own requirements and constraints.

A “Build” vs. “Buy” analysis of trade-off options requires a disciplined approach and lots of time and effort. Get outside help early to avoid burning the entire shot clock on the selection process and leaving no time for a team to move the data center.

For a full guide to preparing for a data center move (including site selection), check out my book, “What Everybody Ought To Know Before Moving A Data Center.”

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