Common Pre-Move Tasks

A data center relocation has many pre-move items to be completed. The common tasks you will encounter for most every data center move are:

  • Identify the machines, components, and applications by name
  • Physically label everything
  • Document reconnection details for network and storage components
  • Backup all systems, devices, appliances, raid configurations, and storage switches
  • Identify the business owners of all systems
  • Identify who is shutting down the machines, packaging, transporting, unpacking, re-assembling, trouble-shooting, and verifying
  • Identify who must be notified both internally and externally
  • Identify the date and time of the move
  • Identify contingency labor for all phases
  • Prepare a master timeline
  • Prepare a master contact list
  • Prepare a project plan
  • Ensure the destination location has the proper power, network connections, disk storage, and bandwidth
  • Complete elevation drawings for the destination showing equipment locations
  • Identify all move-related changes required (IP address changes, DNS changes, monitoring changes, circuit changes, and routing changes)
  • Pre-configure all destination elements like the connectivity, firewalls, and network switches
  • Pre-cable the destination
  • Verify the backups can be restored
  • Rehearse the move, document the results, modify your plan
  • Document the Go/No-Go criteria
  • Add contingency for high-risk items independent of their probability
  • Complete the notifications to stakeholders

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