How To Choose A Data Center Relocation Firm

Having help moving your data center can free your scarce resources — if you know what to look for.

The value of planning and executing a data center relocation is easy to see.  Done well, customers and staff alike are informed, downtime is minimized, and your company avoids negative press.   Finding a firm that can deliver what you need when you’re unsure of what you need can be both frustrating and challenging.  Here are five factors to help you navigate the waters:

  1. Understand the data center moving process first
  2. Work with someone who can be independent and project manage multiple vendors
  3. Make some initial decisions about the destination, key milestones, and expected downtime before contacting vendors
  4. Understand the urgency. Don’t spend all of your time with an RFP (Request for Proposal) process and leave little time to plan and accomplish the move. Sometimes, an RFP is unnecessary and doesn’t produce the expected competitive cost-savings most expect.
  5. Select someone who has a successful track record and can adapt to inevitable changes in the data center moving plan

Our resources on this site can help you understand the data center moving process from start to finish. Starting early is the best way to ensure your success because unrealistic deadlines drive up costs and expose your organization to more risk.  Give us a call to discuss your data center relocation project.

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