Can you Afford Your Assumption Errors?

You’ve been tasked to find out how much it’s going to cost to move your data center. After searching, downloading data center move white papers, and expanding your search to data center move checklists, you haven’t found a single “average cost to move a data center”. And if you received an answer from your search, would you trust it?

Isn’t your move unique enough to warrant careful consideration beyond frantic web searches?

It could cost your company quite a bit if your plan underestimates the costs and the time required to successfully relocate your data center. Let’s not forget that data center moves are bigger than transportation of equipment from the origin to the destination. Neglecting staff retention issues , for example, can doom an otherwise successful move.

Assumption Errors Cost Money

What do you suppose the cost of your assumption errors will be? The most common assumption error is assuming you know when your data center move cost model is complete. Even small assumption errors can be quite costly. Assuming, for example, that moving on a weekend is the least disruptive time to move will not only increase your costs dramatically but also interject unnecessary risk into your move. A number of misconceptions can lead to assumption errors and increased costs.

Budgeting for data center moves should be less about getting the number and more about getting the right process in place to move a data center successfully.

You need a process that documents all of your assumptions and also tracks those that change with time or events. A process that surfaces budget impacts early serves to ensure you’ll have the necessary fuel to complete the data center relocation journey. Some suggestions:

  1. Document your Move Narrative
  2. Identify your Assumptions
  3. Seek out an Assessment to identify the gaps in your analysis

Our data center move readiness assessment can identify the assumption errors that could be sabotaging your move plan. Give us a call to discuss your unique data center relocation challenges.

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