Avoid Data Center Relocation Post-Move Mistakes

Is it surprising that a data center relocation can uncover organizational issues in addition to the technical challenges encountered? Yet, many are unprepared for this painful reality.

From a budget perspective, post-move tasks are rarely forecast which results in ad-hoc responses. From a personnel standpoint, staff losses during the post-move period are common.

Retention bonuses, while popular, can often backfire. Staff resentment of Management can be particularly acute during the post-move period especially when Management does not properly recognize the individual contributions that made the data center move successful. Worse, blanket recognition whereby everyone is congratulated for a move well-done offends the true heroes of the move. This kind of management laziness that fails to keep track of the key contributors during the move is often the catalyst for the under-appreciated to seek new opportunities.

Management is also not immune to the pressures that a relocation uncovers as they shop their new-found experience moving a data center as leverage for a better position.

Here are a few post-move checklist items to consider:

1. Is there a budget for post-move tasks including recognition events and key contributor bonuses or raises?

2. Are Managers tasked with identifying the true key contributors with specific examples so their performance does not go unrewarded?

3. Is the staff properly augmented with skilled resources to avoid staff burnout and resentment?

4. Is the proper attention given to post-move custodial items such as decommissioning circuits, equipment, and facilities?

Neglecting data center relocation post-move tasks both organizational and technical can taint an otherwise successful data center move.  With the proper attention, you can avoid the common mistakes.

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