June 30, 2016


I Will Write Your Data Center Migration RFP

Note: You can take a free crash course to learn how to write your relocation RFP.

What are the three major issues with internally generated data center relocation RFPs (request for proposals)?

  1. Most RFPs are written to solicit a price. Procurement departments are often measured on securing the lowest price for the solicitation. Value is framed out of your solicitation. Vendors only respond to the mandatory requirements for fear of pricing themselves out of the project. The result is that a Vendor’s value is rarely evaluated, only their price. Your RFP process fails to select the right vendor.
  2. Many RFPs are not written by subject matter experts. A flood of Vendor questions causes additional research by technical staff already stretched thin. Key Information is missing causing substandard responses and in some cases a complete do-over of the expensive RFP process. Your evaluation committee may lack the insight to judge Vendor’s proposals beyond their price and marketing hyperbole. This insight comes from prior relocation experience versus beauty contest judging.
  3. Deadlines for many RFPs are unrealistic when this is your first  data center moving RFP. An unrealistic RFP deadline cripples your project right from the beginning. Your technical staff is expected to somehow compensate for this blunder and the end result is forced errors and shortcuts. There is a shortage of courage when it is necessary to speak truth to power about deadlines as internal staff worries about the negative effect on their career.

How You Will Benefit

  • Avoid the Most Costly RFP Mistakes
  • Solicit Value over Price from Vendors
  • Overcome Lack of Resources for Time-Sensitive Solicitations

Your Next Steps

Everyone wants to know costs without having to disclose their contact information or be subject to a sales funnel. Maybe you’re just kicking the tires, maybe you fully intend to write your RFP internally anyway (enroll in my course), and maybe you’re a competitor (let’s partner). Let me extend my help to every reader of this page.

  • Just Looking?Get my book on Amazon or my checklist and learn the entire process of data center moving.
  • Competitor? – Contact me to learn how we can partner for opportunities. Visit my Content page to use for your marketing.
  • Ready to Buy? –  Keep reading to learn about getting the pricing information you want to know.

Data Center Migrations can be complex. RFP pricing information is based on the details of your project.

  • Do you need a data center migration RFI (Request for Information) prior to constructing your RFP?
  • Do you need services to write and manage your migration RFP (Request for Proposal)?

How Do You Start?

Get started with a conversation and let me accelerate your RFP process. 

E-mail urgent@e-oasis.com with a description of your need and your timeline for completion.

All information received is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to others.