Fooled into Inaction

Much has been written and discussed about the current business cycle, the future of the economy, the clear investor panic, and the sea-change in consumer confidence. A common theme is emerging from the C-Suite and no wonder! Virtually every media outlet from traditional to online is participating in the parade of panic.

And that parade is having the predicted effect.

The overwhelming and accelerating sentiment we’re hearing daily from the C-Suite is one of inaction. That’s right! Fooled into inaction by the spectacle on parade. Are you being distracted from making critical decisions by the parade?

A Data Center Move or multi-site consolidation takes careful and skilled planning. Watching the parade of panic while trying to determine what to do next is a great way to waste the valuable time you need to plan a successful move. An investment in planning can often surface alternatives you need to respond to the current economic conditions.

And that’s where we can help you with our data center moving Readiness Assessment.

Our Move Readiness Assessment is not just a check-list but a top-to-bottom evaluation of your data center move plan.

Are you really ready to move? Our experts are here to answer your questions – even the ones you might not know to ask.

For example:

  • How much risk is contained in your data center move plan?
  • Is your plan too rigid or unwieldy for success?
  • How much will service interruptions affect your bottom line, and what ways are there to mitigate down-time?
  • How feasible is your time frame?

Our expert data center move assessment can identify fatal flaws in your move plan and give you the clear direction you are seeking to navigate safely in the current environment.

There’s no obligation to talk with us and we can help you today. Let the spectators be fooled into inaction. We’re ready when you are.

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