Do It Yourself Data Center Moving?

Should you move your data center yourself? Of course that depends on quite a few factors. When talking to most do-it-yourselfers, you quickly discover that this will be their very first data center move. You also learn that they are already planning to commit many of the common data center move mistakes that will make their move difficult and costly.

If you’re going to attempt a data center move on your own, get an outside assessment of your data center relocation plan. And that means your first step is to document your move plan so that it can be reviewed.

You’ll also need a strategy to correct common Executive Misconceptions as you seek approval for your plan.

Finally, pay attention to your assumption errors because surprises will cost your organization money.

When you get stuck, give us a call. One of our service offerings could make the difference between a successful data center move and dusting off your resume.

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