Complexity Blindness and Data Center Relocations

Moving a data center is not an ordinary event in most corporate environments.  While most know that planning and preparation are critical to a successful relocation, there are a number of elements that trip up even the most careful planner during their data center move.

Complexity Blindness

Underestimating complexity is widespread and a common affliction for most program and project managers. This complexity blindness compounds an otherwise well-constructed plan as contingencies are often not in place when the wheels come off the plan.

Two components of complexity blindness – duration and disruption – are the most common mistakes to understand.

Duration and Disruption

A complexity-induced duration event can elongate the time to complete a set of tasks. For example, it’s common to underestimate the complexity of communication during a data center move. This complexity in communication can completely change the dynamic for finishing a task and as a result elongate the time to finish other tasks. It’s easy to see that plans constructed where everything has to go right are doomed from the beginning.

A complexity-induced disruption event can have a disastrous impact on a data center move due to the disruption it causes when it occurs. Presuming, for example, that power is not complex and failing to afford it  special attention can disrupt an entire data center move.  Most IT (Information Technology) professionals are not familiar with the precision of language required to properly specify power in a new location. Missing one special power connector or undersizing a power circuit can prevent powering up the key piece of equipment in your move.

These are just two examples of Complexity Blindness and data center moves are littered with small and large elements that can derail an otherwise perfect (on paper) plan.

While discounting the complexity of a data center move is quite common, it doesn’t have to be fatal to your career. Get your move plan thoroughly reviewed and pay attention to duration and disruption events caused by complexity blindness.

About the Author:

Blaine Berger is the President of E-Oasis, a business and technology veteran with 25 years of experience. You can contact Blaine via e-mail at or follow @eoasis on Twitter. You may also leave a comment here.

E-Oasis offers complete data center moving services for the  life-cycle of a data center move. We help you avoid Complexity Blindness in your data center move planning. Additionally, our workshop series addresses all aspects of data center moving.

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