Announcing the Data Center Migration Checklist

Available for Download This primer is aimed at project managers new to data center migrations and organized for quick consumption. What is the purpose of a checklist? A checklist helps guide the practitioner through a series of tasks to complete. A good checklist needs to be precise, brief, and actionable. The most cited checklist example[…]

Rehearse for Success

Move rehearsals are the best method for improving the confidence in your execution team, but this only works if you are vigilant about detecting the hand waving and false answers. Data center move rehearsals are usually met with one of two reactions: apathy or resistance. Yet these rehearsals are essential because they reveal flaws and[…]

Forming Application Bundles for Migration

The elusive clear picture of the business environment supported by interdependent applications rarely emerges without a deep dive into those applications. Frameworks and methodologies can only take the practitioner so far. Eventually, subject matter experts will need to do the heavy lifting to understand every application that must be moved. In some cases applications can be[…]

Defining a Data Center Move Project

Most data center moves are exercises in trade-offs. You won’t have enough resources, money, or time to complete the data center move. In fact, your shot clock is likely already running by the time you realize the magnitude of the project. Copying someone else’s project plan is a common strategy to give the project a[…]

What’s Your Cloud Migration Strategy?

Emily was unsatisfied with her firm’s progress migrating to the Cloud. Her dashboard metrics showed few applications made it to the cloud with Legacy applications remaining stubbornly on-premise. While our conversation uncovered some of the root causes why legacy applications are difficult to migrate, it also exposed the frustration with the conventional wisdom around a cloud[…]

Data Center Site Selection: One-Size-Fits-All is Nonexistent

What is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle for your successful data center relocation? Consider what a thoroughly researched, carefully considered data center site selection process can accomplish. No simple, one-size-fits-all solution for the site selection process exists, however. You must choose based on your business needs and available resources. Rarely will you have[…]

Checklist for Moving Your Data Center to the Cloud

Is your data center too costly to operate and you need to consider alternatives? In the past, building and moving to a new facility or using colocation services were the options chosen without much thought. The time required to find a new space is often underestimated and using colocation services may work for a while, but there will be added costs when[…]

Data Center Move Playbook Explained

Previous to my consulting career, I spent over a decade with IBM inside many large data centers. The data center remained in a state of constant change. Equipment moved in and out frequently and this equipment was much larger than the hundreds of smaller servers you find in today’s data center. Many other things have[…]

Is It Time For Fleet Management For Applications?

Consolidating and shuttering many data center sites into a few is a high-level concept that is simple to grasp. Cost savings in the form of lower electricity consumption, fewer facility-based charges, and fewer staff are but three compelling efficiencies. In practice, meaningful data center consolidation is painfully slow as the U.S. Federal Government and many[…]

Book Excerpt: Data Center Move Punch List Template

In this Book Excerpt, Author Blaine Berger introduces the powerful punch list as a tool for managing a data center move. What Everybody Ought to Know Before Moving A Data Center In 1999, I had the unique opportunity to participate in the construction of the new San Francisco International Airport (SFO) terminal project. This was[…]

Proven Data Center Moving Tips

Do you want a successful data center move? First timers and veterans alike want to succeed with their data center move. I’ve made most of the mistakes I warn you about in my book “What Everybody Ought to Know Before Moving a Data Center.” I understand that you have no time to waste. I understand[…]

The Top 3 Crucial Data Center Move Checklist Elements that Belong in Your Project Plan

I get calls every day from professionals looking for a jump start for their data center move planning. Every project manager knows you should understand the fundamentals that govern the project you’ve been asked to oversee. A data center move is not the project where you should cut corners on that understanding. Here are three[…]

Common Pre-Move Tasks

A data center relocation has many pre-move items to be completed. The common tasks you will encounter for most every data center move are: Identify the machines, components, and applications by name Physically label everything Document reconnection details for network and storage components Backup all systems, devices, appliances, raid configurations, and storage switches Identify the[…]

Book Excerpt: Is a Data Center Move Narrative Important?

In this book excerpt from “What Everybody Ought to Know Before Moving a Data Center“ by Blaine Berger, the importance of a Move Narrative is explained. If you have too many items undecided or changing constantly, your move might be feasible—you just won’t have any confidence in its feasibility. Even worse, you’ll be unable to defend[…]

Moving from the Data Center to the Cloud

Cloud migration projects continue to garner interest from organizations seeking a variety of benefits. Executives understand that these complex projects require multi-disciplinary teams to increase the odds of success and realize the promised ROI (return on investment). Unlike piecemeal approaches, a data center move to the cloud presumes you will decommission your existing data center[…]

Key Milestones For Migrating a Data Center

You can search the web for someone’s data center move key milestones example or you can do the heavy lifting to discover the critical milestones that matter for your organization. If you’re a project manager, you know the difference in successful outcomes when you follow proven methodology versus taking shortcuts modifying ill-fitting templates. Many organizations[…]

Data Center Move Consolidation

Data Center consolidation projects are accelerating and many Information Technology (IT) professionals are faced with their first data center move. A consolidation project is a focused effort to reduce costs and this singular goal can bias decision-makers against using outside help. However, consolidation can also mean staff reductions and a loss of subject matter experts[…]

Survival Guide For Your First Data Center Relocation

Attention Spiceworks Members – Want the checklist free? Answer these 3 questions. Most project managers tasked with their first data center move naturally search for an example Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) or a Microsoft Project Plan file they can modify. What they quickly learn is that these examples are incomplete and don’t accurately reflect what awaits[…]

Data Center Move Checklist Primer

Exclusive Bonus: Want the checklist free? Answer these 3 questions. Most project managers tasked with their first data center relocation begin a search for a data center move checklist to get them started. Some even hope to find a completed work breakdown structure (WBS) that they can customize. A data center move, however, is unlike[…]

CIO Alert: Key Data Center Improvements

Even with all the information about proper hot and cold aisles, dueling CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners) units, and improper return air dynamics, IT (Information Technology) teams are still operating inefficient data centers with glaring problems. Compounding this problem is the fact that facilities managers and IT mangers rarely collaborate to understand the data center[…]

Move your Data Center to the Cloud?

Someday soon, someone is going to challenge you to move your entire data center to the cloud. Enough case studies have emerged to entice CIO’s (Chief Information Officers) to explore the promised cloud economics. After all, who can resist the dangled carrot to reduce costs, simplify deployments, and improve business agility? No one. And marketing[…]

Getting Started with Data Center Move Governance

Most Enterprise organizations have some form of IT Governance in place. However, these structures are often inadequate for a data center relocation. Getting governance right is one of the critical success factors for a well planned and executed data center move. What is governance? Governance is about who makes the decisions and how they are[…]

Three Tips to Tackle an Urgent Timeline

After budgeting, the most frequent question about a data center move is about the timeline. Every move is different and there is no typical timeline and yet project managers continue to search for the magic data center relocation template. Executives want to know how much the data center move will cost and when it can[…]

The Lost Art of a Well-Run Table Top Exercise

A table top exercise can illuminate weak points in a complex plan or test the ability of professionals to respond to scenario-driven events. These exercises should be standard operating procedure in an Enterprise as a way of removing surprises from complex events and gaining practice with disaster recovery testing, data center relocations, and critical response[…]

Avoid Data Center Relocation Post-Move Mistakes

Is it surprising that a data center relocation can uncover organizational issues in addition to the technical challenges encountered? Yet, many are unprepared for this painful reality. From a budget perspective, post-move tasks are rarely forecast which results in ad-hoc responses. From a personnel standpoint, staff losses during the post-move period are common. Retention bonuses,[…]

The Data Center Relocation Budgeting Paradox

In a perfect world, a data center migration would be planned and executed for a fixed budget amount with no surprises or overruns. For data center moves, however, it seems the complicated problems show up at the end when the budget has been depleted and the stakes are high to get the problems resolved. How[…]

The New Year Brings a New Data Center Moving Guide

Every data center move is unique and every move is important to us. We’ve updated our popular data center moving guide for 2011. Enter your e-mail address in the form on your right to receive this 28 page guide. E-Oasis Wants to Earn Your Business While many white papers are written carefully to disclose very[…]

Not All Data Center Moves Are Complicated

Make no mistake, we’d like to earn your data center relocation business. However, not all data center moves are alike. They can range from complex to straight-forward and everything in-between. When you research a data center relocation on the web, it’s easy to find conflicting information about the task.  Some data center moving project managers[…]

How To Choose A Data Center Relocation Firm

Having help moving your data center can free your scarce resources — if you know what to look for. The value of planning and executing a data center relocation is easy to see.  Done well, customers and staff alike are informed, downtime is minimized, and your company avoids negative press.   Finding a firm that[…]

5 Things to Know Before Moving Your Data Center

Data center moves are not common events for most organizations.  As a result, the response to this event can range from chaotic panic to a complete lack of urgency. We’ve compiled some resources to help you understand the complexity with five things you can do right now. Get the Data Center Moving Guide Understand the[…]

Complexity Blindness and Data Center Relocations

Moving a data center is not an ordinary event in most corporate environments.  While most know that planning and preparation are critical to a successful relocation, there are a number of elements that trip up even the most careful planner during their data center move. Complexity Blindness Underestimating complexity is widespread and a common affliction[…]